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Clarabell joins the Wal-Mart Family


When former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields realized she had little chance of being elected to the New York State Senate, and after a grueling Mayoral campiagn with her candidacy going down in flames, she woke up realizing today was the first day of the rest of her life. And what better way to contribute to society in an inclusive way than to join the Wal-Mart family!

For the next two weeks, Clarabell (or Ginny as her close friends call her) will be undergoing indoctrination at our headquarters. Following that, she will undertake her duties at one of many Wal-Mart branches where she will be a roving ambassador on inclusivity. Her theme song, "It's a Small World" seems to be right in tune."

Said Clarabell, "I'm always looking for new opportunities in the private sector. When I was in New York City government, I became an internationally known expert on governmental efficiency. I can use those skills at almost any predatory organization. That's why Wal-Mart and I are a perfect fit."

Fields continued, "I'm looking forward to my time with Sam Walton's family, but I still stay in touch with my close friend and mentor Charlie Rangel. The Wal-Mart experience will make me more than ready when that old horse moves out to pasture."

Bad for Business

When the Maryland legislature passed the so-called Fair Share bill, many predicted that it would have a negative impact on Maryland's business climate -- putting jobs and Marylanders' livelihoods at risk. The Washington Times reports that's exactly what has happened.
"It has had a negative impact on Maryland's business climate," Mr. Burns said.


....the legislature's passing of the Wal-Mart bill and a minimum-wage increase over Mr. Ehrlich's veto, have added to Maryland's bad-for-business reputation, said Richard A. Booth, a University of Maryland School of Law professor who specializes in business law and regulatory issues.

"That does suggest sort of a trend in Maryland that is probably not the best way to attract business," he said.

Great Wal-Mart stories popping up everywhere

Not all of the best Wal-Mart stories appear in our Wal-Mart story section (although we do have a lot of very cool ones.) Sometimes they pop up elsewhere.

Like this one from W.C.:

I bought a digital camera (for a great price) at Wal-Mart.

A month later, I had a problem with the camera and needed to send it to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, I had lost the receipt. I thought I was out of luck.

I called Wal-Mart with the purchase date and my credit card number, and they cheerfully looked up the transaction, reprinted the receipt, and mailed it to me.

Voting with their feet

Despite the irrelevant and failing complaints of a few outspoken groups, the American public continues to vote for Wal-Mart with their feet and with their hard earned money. Shoppers continue to turn to the world's largest retailer because of the benefits it provides to working families.  Jeff, a Myspace user and Wal-Mart Front End manager, has written a firsthand account of the company he works for:

Wal-Mart has been very good to me.  I have purchased a home on a Wal-Mart salary, 4 different vehicles, and all things in between.  Being employed @ Wal-Mart has granted me opportunities to meet some very influential people that have taught me life lessons, and Wal-Mart has granted me the opportunity to find my strengths and how to deal with my weaknesses.  Wal-Mart has made me a better manager, friend, and development of great business skills.


So, in closing, as you can see I AM a fan of Wal-Mart.  Unless you are willing to go the extra mile to deal with something--why are you complaining?   And to all the people who work @ Wal-Mart, shop @ Wal-Mart, and physically dislike Wal-Mart--I would like to know what law was passed or what gun was held to your head that said you HAD to work there, shop there, or even walk into a facility?  In the world of free enterprise and theory YOU have the choice to decide where you want to shop, work, etc.  So WHY bash a company that is in business to make money.  Isn't that what all companies strive to do?

Read the full text of the article here.

At least she wears it on her sleeve

Today, Ms. Amy Joyce wrote a rather strange piece for the Washington Post about Wal-Mart's health benefits. Apparently, through the looking glass, when you increase benefits and reduce costs - that's somehow bad for workers.

Since when did reporting what "Critics Say" automatically rate as news coverage? (and could we please get the modifier "Paid" appended to "Critics"?) Presumably, when the attack groups put out their next press release calling Wal-Mart a ham sandwich, Ms. Joyce will race to her keyboard again.

Ms. Joyce's infatuation with the professional attack class isn't actually new, however. She should be proud of her hard-hitting and critical investigative work like, "Dating lives have been put on hold. There are no plans for a summer vacation. Weekend rest is fleeting. In other words, not much has changed since these staffers were with the Howard Dean, Wesley K. Clark and John F. Kerry presidential campaigns. But this time, they are trying to win one for the Wal-Mart workers."

Funny, we thought they were trying to win one for their union. But in the future - we do hope the Post would at least make sure that this kind of reporting stays in the Style section where it belongs.

Wal-Mart Saves Skunked Dog and the People Who Love Her

Working Families for Wal-Mart member Haley just shared a great story about how Wal-Mart was there when she, and her dog, needed them.
Thank goodness for Walmart being open 24 hours. I was able to pick up the supplies needed to give my dog a "de-skunking" bath. When I went into the store to buy the items, the clerk must have known -- or i smelled like skunk -- that I needed them for my dog. I gave her two baths that night and she smelled much better.

My family -- especially my dog -- thank Walmart and for being open 24 hours.

Read the full story here.

And make sure to read all of the great stories about how Wal-Mart has made a difference in people's lives here.